Radiothon 2016

Our target is to raise $50,000 during the month of January

Not hidden from everyone the bad conditions the Syrian refugees are living in the refugee camps inside and outside Syria nowadays. Several children have died because of the very low temperature and the lack of preparation to face the unexpected snow storms. Many children and elderly people have been hospitalized because of the severe weather.

Your donations will help the Syrian people as follows:

Amount Item
20 AUD$ Heater for one tent.
60 AUD$ Heater + fuel for the whole winter for one family.
12 AUD$ Sleeping bag for one person.
50 AUD$ Winter protection clothes for one person.
 10 AUD$  Winter shoes + gloves + scarf + beanie for one person.
 20 AUD$  Pants + wool sweater + jacket for one person.

It is preferred to deposit your donations into our bank account (use “FeedTheHungry” for the transaction description)

Commonwealth Bank
BSB 063 253
Account No. 1068 3682

You can donate NOW online through our secured payment platform. Select the donation amount and then click Donate

ASAVIC is committed to help the afflicted Syrian people in this harsh winter in the camps inside Syria. We call upon all Australian and non-Australian fellows to donate generously to the ASAVIC in order to help the Syrian children.

Our campaign in the last winter ….

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You can help by printing this poster/flyer and distribute it


ASAVIC is proudly collaborating with Rahma Humanitarian Foundation to help the Syrian people during this winter


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Our contact details can be found here.