Mission Statement

The ASAVIC is a non-profit organisation established in 2011 to foster a stronger relationship among all Australian-Syrians, and to support and advocate democratic movement, call for freedom and human rights in Syria and all around the world.

Long term objectives

  • Support and uphold the Constitution and Laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and every State thereof.
  • Promote, sponsor and/or engage in activities to fulfil the diverse needs of the Syrian Community of Melbourne and metropolitan areas.
  • Strengthen the relations of loyalty and mutual respect between all Australian-Syrians and their host countries.

Foundation Council

Established by a group of people in early 2011 and founded the ASAVIC. The founders names were listed in the council minutes. An honorary president (HP) was nominated, and will continue that role for five years. The HP will monitor the committee performance and provide all necessary advices. He is empowered to resolve the executive committee (EC), and call upon the foundation council to re-elect another EC when needed. The EX will be re-elected every 2 years.

Registration details

Australian Business Register Number (ABN): 59 393 856 931

Fundraiser Registration Number: 13612