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The Australian Syrian Association – Victoria (ASAVIC) was informally set up in early 2011 as a direct response to the uprising in Syria. Victorian Syrians wanted to show their support to the Syrian people, who are being oppressed by Bashar’s regime, and his father Hafez before him. ASAVIC became a formally registered incorporated association in December of 2011.

So far, ASAVIC has organised a number of demonstration rallies, all of which were relatively successful in bringing the Australian politician and general public’s attention to the Syrian situation.

In addition to demonstration rallies, ASAVIC has hosted fundraising dinners for the people of Syria, a number of member forums, and a highly successful information forum in Brunswick hall, Sydney Road on 20 Sept 2011, which came under attack by Bashar’s supporters. This spectacle can be viewed here. If nothing else, that group of Bashar supporters ensured the success of the forum as they clearly demonstrated and highlighted their own violent and attacking nature.

The latest event organised by ASAVIC was a demonstration rally held on 5 Feb 2012 in support of the Syrian revolution and in condemnation of the Assad regime (view here), in particular, it was to condemn the massacre in Homs that took place 2 nights before the rally.

ASAVIC will continue to host and organise events in protest of the Assad regime, until Bashar and his regime is gone forever, which will hopefully become a reality in the near future. Amen

Until then, it is the duty of every Australian, whether man, woman, muslim, non-muslim arab or non-arab to participate in the Syrian struggle for freedom. Because the crimes that the Syrian government is committing against its people are horrific crimes against humanity. No one should have to endure such violence and crime. No one.

– asavic.org.au Webmaster


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